60Liter of outdoor black backpack
60Liter of trekking black backpack
60Liter of outdoor deep blue backpack
60Liter of outdoor purple backpack
60Liter of outdoor red backpack
60Liter of outdoor pink backpack
60Liter of outdoor Green backpack
50Liter of outdoor red and black backpack

    60L Outdoor Backpack

    $39.99 $53.82

      Outdoor Waterproof Backpack for Camping Climbing and Outdoor Activities 

      The bag is waterproof nylon fabric, water-resistant, tear-resistant, lightweight, breathable, and wear-resistant.

      Large capacity backpack convinces for climbing, spacious main compartment, and numerous pouches with large capacity.

      60L backpack has a rain cover pouch on the bottom, prevent the water and dust into the bag, a useful tool on a rainy day.
      Adjustable shoulder strap, chest strap, and waist strap to fit your needs

      Offer enough space to pack all your necessities and equipment.
      Suitable for all hiking, camping, climbing, traveling, cycling, etc.

      60L Bag Size: 68*33*20 cm