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Portable Stool

    Portable Stool

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      Introducing the Portable Stool

      A retractable folding stool is a mini chair that you will find ideal when outdoor camping, fishing, or any outside activities you desire.

      This Portable stool is adjustable to different heights to get the ideal height that will suit you better.

      They are also built using premium quality materials, which means they are stable and sturdy for long-term use.

      Why must you have this today in 2021? read now.

      Portable Stool benefits

      Portable & Lightweight: 

      This folding stool is super convenient. It opens and folds up in a split second with only one hand.
      What's more important is that this tool bearly weights, and you can carry him wherever you desire.

      Best Quality & Bearing Capacity:

      Made of high strength nylon ABS. Heavy-duty materials for long-lasting durability. The internal structural design is unique, making the stool extra strong and safe and effortlessly holding up to 150kg / 330lbs!

      Product Features:

       Lightweight, small size, simple to use, doesn't take much space after shrinking, easy to carry, convenient for home storage, can also be placed on the car's trunk.

      Multipurpose usage:

      looking for a nice trip? Or even maybe long hiking? or just simple camping, this stool is just what you are looking for.


      Diameter 25cm, storage height 6cm,
      unfolding height 45cm. It's quickly and easily folds away for convenient storage—space Saving Foldable Stool.
      Weight: Approx. 880g / 1.94lbs.

       Questions and Answers

      Q: What is the weight limit?

      A: The maximum capacity is 330lbs. 

      Q: What is it made of?

      A: Durability Polymer Polypropylene material.

      Q: How much the stool weights?

      A: 1.94 Lbs.

      Q: How tall can it get?

      A: Unfolding height is 45cm tall.