USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp
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    Rechargeable Led Headlamp


      Rechargeable Led Headlamp

      It is useful for night running headlamp and fishing, hunting, hiking and camping, biking, hunting, climbing, vehicle breakdowns, appliance repairs, walking your dog at night, household work, search, looking your stuff inside your tent while camping,

      and so on. 

       USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight Headlight Head Torch Sensor Waterproof 

      ° Maximum brightness up to 150000 Lumens
      ° Internal wiring applies the highly efficient booster circuit, with wide working voltage and maximizing the battery output
      ° Waterproof design (IPX6)
      ° Piercing Distance Beam or Wide Angle Floodlight, super-bright ° Hands-free lighting and lightweight,
      easy to store in the toolbox or backpacks
      ° Aluminium alloy reflector
      ° One button switch with six modes (see picture)
      ° With an adjustable base for convenient use
      ° Life expectancy: up to 100,000 hours
      ° USB cable included
      ° CE / FCC / CCC / EMC Certified

      Package Includes:
      ° 1X Headlamp
      ° 2X 18650 Batteries
      ° 1X USB Cable for Charging
      ° Battery type: 18650 battery